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Eleiko - Competition Kettlebells - Colored

A series of colored kettlebells containing the weights 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32kg. All weights have the same globe size: 210mm - all according to standard measurements. Our colored Eleiko Kettlebells are made of steel castings. They are made of several parts welded together after the calibration. The actual globe is cast with a sand core within. After the process the sand core is turned to pieces and removed from the globe. After this advanced manufacturing process, some residues of sand can occur inside the globe.

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Product Features
  • -Special surface for effective training
  • -While training with kettlebells, it is often a great advantage if the kettlebell has a slightly rough surface - especially in the rack position. Therefor we have selected a surface treatment that makes this possible. The paint is oil based for high strength, but do not guarantee to be intact when jolted.
  • -The grip is polished and clear lacquered at the factory. For even better performance and for individual adjustments, it can be grinded further.
  • -2 Year Warranty conditions for our colored Eleiko Kettlebells is 2 years (valid for fractures of the kettlebell).

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