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VertiMax - VertiMax - V4 System

Level 1: 4 Band Training System On-Platform Training Only Primarily for Lower Body Training The V4 unit is Level 1 on-platform speed & vertical jump training system. It features four (4) internal bands for loading the legs at the hips and knees utilizing the waist belt and hip flexor harnesses that come with the unit. Band resistance settings range from 4 to 28 pounds allowing up to 120lb to applied to the athlete's legs for jump training purposes. The patented capability of the unit to apply a nearly constant resistance throughout the jumping motion and track hip movement laterally allows athletes to jump train with maximum stability and balance. Preserving balance and stability means athletes can perform each repetition with maximal effort against the applied resistance recruiting a higher number of Fast Twitch Type B muscle fibers. These are the highest power producing muscle fibers utilized in an explosive effort. The ability to recruit more of the Type B fiber type with maximal effort repetitions will allow you to improve the power producing capabilities of a higher percentage of explosive muscle fibers and thus provide an improved training response of other jump training systems.

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