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elitefts™ Premium Relentless Super Heavy Onyx™ Resistance Band

Size - 41" x 3 1/4

elitefts™ Premium Resistance Bands

Think of it this way...

If you're looking to have safe sex, you have a few options. On one end, you have the highest quality latex you can find, with the best feel and consistency. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the condoms you can get in the truck stop bathroom for a couple of quarters. In the middle, you have a balance between the two. Our Pro Bands are in the middle, and the Premium bands are at the top of the scale. Unlike condoms, we're not looking for a quick screw, so we don't have a low-end line. Your PRs and training are more important to us than a "quickie" with someone you may never see again. Our bands are manufactured and designed with a long-term relationship in mind.

WOW! Did we seriously just write that?

Yep, we did, but isn't that better than reading a bunch of detailed specs you couldn't really care less about? Bottom line: both the Pro Bands and the Premium Bands will make you strong. We will leave it up to you to decide which line you like the best.

These 100% ALL NATURAL LATEX bands are manufactured using a tested molding process that ensures consistency. They also have a premium polished glossy finish that ensures a long-lasting, professional appearance. Each set of premium bands is meticulously inspected for consistency before leaving our warehouse.

"These were just delivered, and as soon as I opened them up I could immediately tell they were different. There is a different feel, look, and smell. It's more like a natural smell and less chemical because they're 100% latex. They also have a more glossy finish and look very professional."
- Ken

"Kudos to you guys for making these all the same badass color. I never liked the rainbow design created with multiple bands. I also like that these are hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial, and that they are checked for consistency."
- Mike

elitefts™ Premium Bands are great for:



Resisting Dust Mites


Overloaded Eccentric Training

Shooting Water Balloons

Strength Training

Circa-Maximal Barbell Training

Resisted Bodyweight Training

A makeshift sling after tearing something off

Speed Training

Ego-Boosting Reverse Band Training

Click here to see the Premium Band Tension Charts.


In stock. Usually ships in 1 business day.Price is for one band.

Retail Price $40.00
Our Price $34.25
Sale Price $19.00

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