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Testing and Assessment

Testing and Assessment

These DVD's will help you assess your clients, your program and your client's progress. Let them know that you care!

Testing and Assessment
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$49.95   $34.95
Body Composition: Health is More Than Skin Deep
Reviews what body composition is, how it relates to weight, who should have a body composition test, and when that person should be tested. The DVD also details how body composition assessment data can be used and more.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008068999
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$49.95   $34.95
Body Image and Fitness Training
Details how exercise professionals can promote healthy attitudes about the body, better understand the health syndromes associated with a distorted body image, and help individuals prevent and deal with body-image issues.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008125197
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$197.00   $189.00
Bulletproof Knees and Back Seminar DVD
Six discs full of everything you need to know about the knees and lower back.
Robertson Training Systems V-BBKSEMINAR
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$49.95   $34.95
Conducting the YMCA Fitness Testing & Assessment Protocol
Provides a visual demonstration of the procedures and actions involved in administering the YMCA’s physical fitness test battery. In detail, the DVD explains what steps should be taken before and during the test to ensure that the test battery is conducted in an appropriate manner.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008099993
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$49.95   $29.39
Exercise Testing and Program Design A Fitness Professional's Guide
For anyone with serious interest in fitness, both personal and professional
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008068890
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$49.95   $34.95
How to Get Quality Results With Submaximal Cycle Ergometer Fitness Tests
Assumes a basic familiarity with the YMCA and Astrand-Rhyming cycle ergometer protocols, which are based on steady-state, heart-rate responses. In-depth information is presented on ways that the health/fitness professional can perform the test to emphasize maximal useful information, technical precision, and the elimination of error factors.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008104994
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$49.95   $34.95
Major Cardiac Risk Factor Screening and the Role of Exercise in Preventing CHD
Reviews the eight major cardiac risk factors facing all individuals. The DVD also explains how health/fitness professionals can screen prospective clients for coronary heart disease (CHD) and more.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008106592
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$49.95   $34.95
Measuring Physical Activity in Youth
A leading researcher of children’s physical activity shares information, insights, and ideas about what works and what does not. This comprehensive review emphasizes the newest technologies and provides practical guidance for strategies that work.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008132492
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$49.95   $34.95
Proper Technique in Administering a Stress Test
Discusses the relevant issues attendant to conducting an exercise stress test (e.g., what does such a test involve; what information does it provide; what equipment is required; etc.) and provides visual instructions regarding the procedures for undertaking such an evaluative procedure. The DVD also reviews the safety guidelines for administering an exercise stress test.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008098194
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$49.95   $34.95
Readiness Screening for Physical Activity
Presents a detailed overview of how health/fitness professionals can properly assess the state of health and exercise capacity of individuals who want to undertake an exercise program. The DVD reviews 10 simple questions that may be answered in a yes/no format that can yield essential pre-exercise screening information.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008100699
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$49.95   $34.95
Stairway to Functionality: Biomechanical and Kinesiological Assessment of the Spine and Extremities
Presents a detailed overview of how biomechanics and kinesiology are applied to human movement. In an easy-to-understand manner, the DVD illustrates how the spine and extremities should initially be assessed, why injury can result from inappropriate movement patterns, and how the body can move more effectively and efficiently.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008091393
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$49.95   $34.95
The Science and Practice of Body-Composition Assessment
Presents a comprehensive overview of both the scientific basis and the practical applications of how to properly conduct body-composition assessments. The DVD features a detailed discussion and demonstration of actual laboratory and field body-composition measurements being performed.
Healthy Learning DSHL-V-827008080892
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$49.95   $45.00
Using ACSM's Metabolic Equations
Offers an easy-to-understand overview of ACSM’s metabolic equations. The DVD provides advice and guidelines regarding how health/fitness professionals can effectively use these equations in their daily practice when working with clients to assess fitness and prescribe exercise.
Healthy Learning DSHL-827008252596
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Healthy Learning

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