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Youth Training

Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes

At EliteFTS we feel it is very important to get our future generations off on the right foot. In pursuit of this mission we have added these great educational resources to assist you in the training development process.

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$28.00   $25.20
KiDnastics places the conceptual focus on how both traditional and nontraditional equipment can be adapted, changed, or manipulated to produce different practice environments for more efficient student learning.
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Youth Training
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$15.00   $13.50
101 Autism Facts Poster
Displays 101 facts about Autism spectrum disorders.
Healthy Learning DSHL-P-POSTER6
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$19.95   $17.95
101 Games & Activities for Youth with Autism

Healthy Learning DSHL-B-9781606791462
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$20.95   $19.95
Active Start for Healthy Kids
Help children engage in exercise that will benefit them for years to come.
Human Kinetics B-AS-073605281X
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$16.95   $15.26
Athletic Fitness for Kids
Finally, here is a conditioning program designed to fully develop a young athlete’s physical skills without dropout, injury, or burnout.
Human Kinetics B-AFK-9870736062428
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$19.95   $17.95
Bodybuilding Anatomy
Combining the expertise of MuscleMag International columnist, bodybuilder, and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nick Evans with the talent of acclaimed bodybuilding artist Bill Hamilton, Bodybuilding Anatomy is the ultimate training guide for bodybuilders and dedicated strength trainers.
Human Kinetics B-BBA-9780736059268
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$27.95   $25.16
Coaching Excellence

Human Kinetics B-9781450423373
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$21.95   $19.76
Complete Offensive Line

Human Kinetics B-9780736086516
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$39.00   $22.00
Essentials of Team Building w/DVD
Team building is a proven approach for helping people become respectful competitors, cooperative team members, and community leaders. Now you can help your students or group develop those same important skills with Essentials of Team Building
Human Kinetics B-ETB-9780736050883
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$39.00   $32.95
Fitness For Life
The book’s pedagogically sound format includes lesson objectives that are consistent with state and national health and fitness goals. The chapter and unit structure is consistent with a school-year structure and works with your schedule no matter what schedule you’re on!
Human Kinetics B-FFLHS-978073606676
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$39.99   $16.95
Fitness for Life Middle School
This middle school version of the award-winning high school text Fitness for Life meets the new NASPE National Physical Education Standards and state standards, and it is an ideal companion to the FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM assessment program.
Human Kinetics B-FFLM-9780736065115
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$23.95   $21.56
Football Skills & Drills - 2nd Edition

Human Kinetics B-9780736090766
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$25.00   $9.50
Fun and Games
Fun games keep children healthy and active now as well as contribute to a more positive attitude towards physical activity for life.
Human Kinetics B-FAG-073654383
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$97.50   $92.00
Growth, Maturation and Physical Activity
Malina, Bouchard, Bar-Or: This is the only text to focus on the biological growth and maturation process of children and adolescents as it relates to physical activity and performance.
Human Kinetics B-GMPA-0880118822
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$28.00   $25.20
KiDnastics places the conceptual focus on how both traditional and nontraditional equipment can be adapted, changed, or manipulated to produce different practice environments for more efficient student learning.
Human Kinetics B-KID-978736033947
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$19.95   $17.99
Peak Conditioning Training for Young Athletes
Easy-to-apply strength and fitness programs specifically designed for 8- to 17-year-old athletes.
Healthy Learning B-1585189448
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$29.00   $14.95
Physical Best Activity Guide Middle&High School Level
Designed to stand alone or be used in conjunction with Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher’s Guide, Second Edition, this cutting-edge resources will enliven programs, save time, and help teachers motivate students to become fit for life.
Human Kinetics B-PBAGHS-97807360480
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$29.00   $27.95
Physical Best Activity Guide-2nd Edition - Elementary Level
The Elementary Level Activity Guide includes new activities for students at all levels, revised activities from the first editions, and expanded tips for involving students of all abilities. It has a sample newsletter for each component of fitness as well as a new “Special Events” section containing activities that coincide with national holidays and health observances throughout the school year.
Human Kinetics B-PBAGE-978073604803
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$45.00   $25.00
Physical Education Methods for Elementary Teachers-2nd
Methods for kids
Human Kinetics B-PEMET-073606236X
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$56.00   $37.00
Planet Health
Helps teachers tackle a growing problem among adolescents: Not enough physical activity, too much TV, and poor eating habits.
Human Kinetics B-PH-0736031057
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$35.00   $14.95
Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings-2nd Edition
Develop your own 10-step program to manage behavior in your own setting
Human Kinetics B-PBMPAS-0736049118
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$29.00   $26.10
Risk Management in Outdoor and Adventure Programs

Human Kinetics B-9781450404716
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$39.00   $19.50
Sport Education Seasons w/CD ROM
You can use the entire seasons as they are or choose lessons to reinforce your existing program. You can integrate the seasons, lessons, or specific material into general physical education, use them for sport-specific electives, or use them in after-school or community-based programs. And you can use the material for players as young as 9 and into adulthood.
Human Kinetics B-SES-9780736046398
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$32.00   $14.95
Teaching Children Gymnastics
This book explains the why and how of teaching children gymnastics.
Human Kinetics B-TCG-0736044345
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$29.00   $19.95
Teaching Games for Understanding
A dynamic approach to sport education that has gained worldwide popularity over the past 25 years.
Human Kinetics B-TGFU-0736045945
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$24.00   $12.00
Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics
With Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics, you don’t need any specialized training to put together a developmentally appropriate program; this book leads you through the entire process
Human Kinetics B-TRG-9780736042420
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$42.00   $23.00
Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills
Learn and use key concepts to help you successfully teach and coach students.
Human Kinetics B-TSCS-0736054537
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$21.95   $19.76
Total Training for Young Champions
Bompa: Learn how to accelerate the athletic development of your child.
Human Kinetics B-TTYC-073600212X
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$25.95   $20.95
Weight Lifting and Age
L.S Dvorkin: Translated Russian manual on the scientific and pedagogical fundamentals of a multi-year system of training junior weightlifters.
Sportivny Press B-WLA
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